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Super Buddy Kick 2 Unblocked Games 77

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Experience Hilarious Close Quarters Combat in Super Buddy Kick 2 on Unblocked Games 77

If you're seeking some silly beat 'em up fun, Super Buddy Kick 2 delivers outrageous kung-fu fighting action. Available exclusively on Unblocked Games 77, this quirky brawler features tiny hilarious characters duking it out for high scores.

Overview of Super Buddy Kick 2 Gameplay

In Super Buddy Kick 2, you battle waves of enemies using kung-fu moves and crazy power-ups as a little superhero character. Punch, kick and grapple rivals in close quarters across dozens of stages.

Gather strength boosts like turkey legs for more damage. Unleash special attacks like shuriken tosses when powered up. The enemies attack in humorous ways, like flinging fruits and vegetables at you.

Crowd control and positioning are crucial to handling rival gangs. Dodge projectiles while targeting individual foes. Unlock new fighters and costumes by progressing. With easy controls and short levels, anyone can jump into the silly beat 'em up action.

Key Tips for Super Buddy Fights

Follow these tips to brawl effectively:

  • Knock down foes with normal attacks, then use strong kicks on floored enemies to deal double damage.

  • Grapple and throw opponents into others for splash damage. Use environmental objects too.

  • Keep moving to avoid being surrounded. Strike and reposition frequently.

  • Use leg sweeps and slide kicks to down evasive enemies so you can strike heavy blows.

  • Activate special attacks when swarmed to fend off groups.

  • Between rounds, distribute stat points to boost strength, defense and other attributes.

Amusing Pixel Art Presentation

The retro pixel art complements the exaggerated combat and over-the-top power-ups. Characters sport gigantic cartoonish heads topping tiny bodies. Animations are full of slapstick reactions when you land big hits.

Amusing sound effects like yelps and screams highlight your attacks. Upbeat chiptune music drives the fast-paced fisticuffs. Overall, the presentation matches the silly kung-fu chaos.

Quick Accessible Browser Gaming

As a lightweight HTML5 game, Super Buddy Kick 2 runs directly in your desktop or mobile web browser for instant access anytime. Play immediately on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks and mobile devices.

No specialized hardware or annoying app installs - just load up Unblocked Games 77 and start kicking. For best performance, close other programs and browser tabs to dedicate more device resources. Enjoy wacky online brawling easily.

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Conclusion - Get Ready for Hilarious Combat

With accessible controls yet deep mechanics, Super Buddy Kick 2 provides outrageous kung-fu fun for all skill levels. Bash gangs of silly enemies in fast-paced close quarters combat across dozens of stages. Unlock new fighters and compete for maximum high scores when you need some quirky beat 'em up action. Play Super Buddy Kick 2 only on Unblocked Games 77 today!


Super Buddy Kick 2


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