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Survive a Deadly Duel in Confront Unblocked

Test your quick-draw reflexes in the intense showdown of Confront on Unblocked Games 77! This minimalist western shootout game pits you against an opponent in a deadly duel. Sync your focus meter for the perfect timing, then draw and fire faster than your rival. Will your shot hit its mark?

Become the Fastest Gun in Confront

Confront recreates the tense build-up of a wild west standoff using simple visuals and controls. Both you and an enemy gunslinger ready your fingers as focus meters fill. The clock counts down to high noon - make your move a split second before your foe does!

With just two clicks to draw and shoot, Confront keeps the gunplay snappy. But defeating progressively tougher outlaws requires steel reflexes and composure under pressure as your focus windows narrow. How many gunfights can you win before you meet your maker?

The stark black and white pixel art visuals enhance the tense showdown feel. Unblocked Games 77 serves up these quick-draw thrills with no distractions, letting you embrace your inner cowboy. Draw!

Focus and Reflexes Win Duels

Although the controls are minimal in Confront, winning duels requires precision:

  • Fill your draw meter fully for the fastest quick-draw.

  • Click precisely as your meter fills before your opponent's.

  • Resist shooting too early - patience pays off.

  • Even a sliver more focus makes all the difference.

  • Remain calm and focused during the tense countdown.

  • Learn to read body language that telegraphs draws.

With perfect timing and unblinking focus, you'll secure the title of fastest gun around!

Bonus Modes and Maps

For added quick-draw fun, Confront includes extra modes too like:

  • Saloon shootouts with multiple enemy gunmen

  • Ricochet shots bouncing off objects

  • Moving train duels requiring leading shots

  • Night battles where visibility gets dicey

  • Custom dress-up to look stylist while firing

  • Local 2 player duels with a friend

Dive into the Duel Unblocked

Do you crave the tense showdown excitement of quick-draw duels, minus the real lethal risk? Confront Unblocked Games 77 finally lets you embrace the outlaw gunslinger lifestyle from the safety of your browser. Just be ready for the toll all the tension takes on your nerves!



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