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Red Handed Unblocked Games 77

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Become a Master Thief in the Roguelike Stealth Game Red Handed

Grab your black catsuit and prepare for cunning heists in the free online game Red Handed. In this addictive roguelike, sneak through procedurally generated mansions snagging loot while avoiding guards and traps. With tight stealth gameplay and stylish pixel art, Red Handed delivers heart-pounding thievery that will keep you coming back for more.

Stealing Treasures and Evading Capture

In Red Handed, you take control of a slick cat burglar infiltrating a randomly generated security-filled mansion to snatch the owner's valuables. Guide your thief using the WASD keys to duck behind cover, hide in shadows, and slip through rooms undetected.

Grab paintings, vases, and other loot to raise your score, but get spotted and the alarm sounds, summoning more vigilant guards. If caught enough times, the level ends and you'll restart back outside the mansion.

Use tools like lockpicks, hacking devices, and smoke bombs to bypass security measures. And upgrade your thief's skills between attempts to increase speed, stealth, and more. Master light and shadow to become the ultimate sneak thief.

Key Sneaking and Thieving Tactics

To pull off the perfect heist, employ these expert thieving tactics:

  • Memorize guard walking patterns and sneak during openings.

  • Distract guards by throwing objects to divert their patrol route.

  • Hide in shadows and behind objects to stay concealed when guards approach.

  • Use noisemaker arrows to lure guards away from their posts.

  • Save smoke bombs for quick emergency getaways when spotted.

  • Pickpocket guard keys to access high security rooms.

  • Move methodically room to room while watching for traps and cameras.

The Thrill of the Heist

Part of the addictive fun in Red Handed comes from the randomness - you never know the layout or obstacles you'll encounter on each new mansion run. Finding the best pathways through varied floor plans tests your vision, reflexes, and cunning.

Pulling off perfect synchronized maneuvers like throwing a distraction object then sneaking past a guard feels incredible. And barely escaping detection by hiding just in time provides huge adrenaline rushes.

With plenty of room for mastery through skill upgrades, Red Handed keeps you chasing that flawless stealth run. If you crave more free online games that get your heart racing, check out the huge catalog at Unblocked Games 77!

Red Handed


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