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Lay Eggs Unblocked Games 77

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Hatch a Plan for Egg Domination in Lay Eggs

Prepare for an eggs-travaganza of poultry mayhem in the zany multiplayer game Lay Eggs. Select your bird, then compete to rapidly lay eggs all over the arena. Attack rivals with egg bombs, secure hatcheries, and avoid hazards to come out on top. With silly gameplay and surprising depth, it’s a poultry battle royale that really cracks us up!

Overview of Lay Eggs Gameplay

In Lay Eggs, up to 12 players compete as chickens unleashing rapid-fire eggy chaos. Your goal is to become the dominant egg layer by hatching the most eggs. Quickly run around each arena laying eggs with the left mouse button. But watch out - other chickens can squash your eggs or hit you with explosive egg bombs!

The arenas also contain hazards like lawnmowers that will crack you if hit. Capture hatcheries to more safely convert your laid eggs into points. Just beware of egg-stealing foxes lurking about! Customize your bird and use power-ups like egg cannons for maximum scrambled insanity. The last chicken standing wins!

Tips for Poultry Domination

Here are some tips for achieving ultimate egg-laying supremacy:

  • Constantly stay moving to avoid foxes and bombs.

  • Capture unguarded hatcheries when possible.

  • Use egg cannons to blast rivals off platforms.

  • Push other chickens into lawnmowers if you can.

  • Stay near edges to knock birds off with bombs.

  • Save egg bombs until you’ve laid lots of eggs to convert.

  • Get the egg icon power-up for rapid-fire laying.

Zany Multiplayer Mayhem

The sheer fun chaos of up to 12 chickens scrambling around competitive arenas is what makes Lay Eggs so amusing. Narrow platforms and hazardous lawnmowers force frantic movement and strategy. You have to balance egg laying, stealing hatcheries, and attacking at key moments.

Power-ups like egg bombs, egg cannons, egg vacuums, and egg magnets add to the dynamic strategies. One match you’re chasing down a fox who stole your eggs, the next you're bombarding enemies with exploding eggs. With customizable bird skins and emotes, you can really express your poultry personality too!

An Egg-Laying Battle Royale

If you’re looking for some lighthearted multiplayer madness, stop chicken out and try Lay Eggs. With addictive risk-reward gameplay, amusing power-ups, and surprising depth, this egg-filled arena battle game provides endless hours of free-range fun. Get ready to lay down the law, birdie style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move and lay eggs?
Use WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to lay eggs.

What are the power-ups and items? Bombs, cannons, magnets, egg thieves, vacuum cleaners and more!

How many players can compete? Each match supports up to 12 chickens battling for egg supremacy.

Is there a single player mode? No, Lay Eggs is multiplayer only. You must compete against other players.

Scramble for Egg Domination in Lay Eggs

For a multiplayer arena battle game packed with poultry pandemonium, look no further than Lay Eggs. With its charming visuals, humorous power-ups, and easy to pick up gameplay, this is one zany arena shooter that offers endless scrambling fun. Play now for free on Unblocked Games 77!

Lay Eggs


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