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School Bus Demolition Derby Unblocked Games 77

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Smash and Crash Your Way to Victory in School Bus Demolition Derby

Forget Homecoming, the real highlight of the school year is the heart-pounding, bus-bashing competition known as School Bus Demolition Derby! This wacky online racing game lets you get behind the wheel of a super-tough school bus equipped with over-the-top powerups and weapons for maximum vehicular mayhem. If you love over-the-top arcade racing action, you have to enroll in this School Bus Demolition Derby.

School Buses Transformed for Destruction

The genius of School Bus Demolition Derby is taking the ultimate symbol of safety - the trusty school bus - and converting it into an unstoppable tank on wheels ready for epic derby showdowns. You'll barrel down city streets plowing through traffic, unleashing wicked side bashes to wreck rival buses, and unleashing powerups for extra mayhem.

Powers like turbo overdrives and crazy blaster cannons mounted on the front let you dish out and absorb insane amounts of damage while doing whatever it takes to finish in first. No rickety old school bus stands a chance against your souped up ride!

Choose Your Armaments

As you demolish opponents and place highly in events, you'll unlock awesome new weapons and gadgets to further optimize your bus for destruction, including:

  • Flamethrowers to roast competitors and watch them burn

  • Missile launchers to bombard buses from afar

  • Chainsaws and blades for intense close-quarters bus hacking

  • EMP blasts to shut down enemy powerups

  • Turrets for all-angle defensive coverage

  • And more like giant hammers, bubble shields, turbo boosters and extra armor!

Pro Tips for Derbies

Follow this expert demolition advice:

  • Stay on the offensive - never let up your assault!

  • Use weapons preemptively instead of just reacting.

  • Don't get discouraged by losses - focus on incremental improvement.

  • Disable particularly threatening buses early.

  • Balance between bashing and racing pace.

  • Save strongest powers for key moments near the finish line.

Unleash Your Untapped Bus Bashing Potential

Between the absurd concept, over-the-top weapons, and fast-paced multiplayer competition, School Bus Demolition Derby offers outrageous fun. The simple controls combined with combat variety provides instantly enjoyable chaos. If you seek more free online games perfect for quick entertainment, check out the huge selection at Unblocked Games 77!

School Bus Demolition Derby


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