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Simon Says Unblocked Games 77

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Test Your Memory by Following Commands in Simon Says on Unblocked Games 77

Simon Says is a classic memory game testing how well you can follow increasingly complex patterns. Available on Unblocked Games 77, online Simon Says replicates the handheld original, challenging you to press flashing colored buttons in the proper order. Make a mistake and you’re out! Compete with friends or globally to see how far you can push your memory.

Quick Overview of Gameplay

In Simon Says, a pattern of flashing colored buttons is shown, accompanied by corresponding tones. Repeat back the pattern by clicking the flashing buttons in the correct order.

Each round a new step is added, forcing you to remember longer patterns. If you press the wrong button or forget the sequence, you lose. Rack up high scores by correctly repeating back longer and longer patterns!

With its simple interface and sounds effects, online Simon Says captures the magic of the original handheld. Test your memory and reactions in quick sessions during class, work, or anytime.

Two Play Modes Offer Different Challenges

For a traditional experience, Classic Mode shows you the pattern to memorize with no added pressure. Clear your mind and focus only on repeating the sequence.

Or amp up the difficulty with Simon Says Mode. Now commands only count towards the pattern when “Simon Says” appears on screen first. Tune out non-Simon actions and solely recall Simon’s commands. An extra layer of memory gymnastics!

Compete Locally or Globally on Leaderboards

In addition to competing for personal bests, Simon Says lets you challenge friends and check worldwide leaderboards. See how your memory and reaction speed compares to others in both Classic and Simon Says modes.

Study the patterns and techniques of top players. Small optimizations like preparing fingers over the upcoming button can help you survive longer. With practice, you may gain the memory mastery to top the global charts!

Quick and Addicting Memory Training

With its straightforward memory gameplay, Simon Says is perfect for quick sessions on Unblocked Games 77. Load it up during any spare moments as a brain teaser. The progressively longer patterns really test your memory and reactions.

Compete against classmates and coworkers in person or via the leaderboards for some friendly motivation. Zone in and see how far you can push your recalled pattern streak!

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Teach your memory new tricks by playing classic Simon Says on Unblocked Games 77! See if you can conquer the global leaderboards by recalling lengthy button patterns.

Simon Says


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