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Missile Game Unblocked Games 77

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Take Control of the Skies in the Classic Arcade Game Missile Game

Ever dreamed of piloting your own military jet, guiding missiles to their targets and saving the day? Missile Game lets you live out that fantasy right in your browser by bringing back the intense experience of classic missile command arcade cabinets. Protect cities from an onslaught of bombs in this action-packed blast from the past.

Saving Cities with Your Missile Command

In Missile Game, enemy missiles will slowly rain down from the top of the screen, targeting major cities laid out across the map below. Using your mouse cursor, click inside the playfield to launch countermissiles that will destroy incoming bombs before they reach the cities.

Time your shots carefully to take out bombs before they hit the landscape. If a city takes too many strikes, it will be destroyed. Allow too many cities to meet their demise and you'll lose one of your limited number of lives.

The action starts slowly, but soon dozens of incoming bombs will need quick reflexes and sharp shooting to counter. With only three bases to fire missiles from, you'll need to quickly retarget and prioritize threats. Can you save the cities and emerge victorious?

Upgrade Your Defenses

As you play Missile Game, you'll earn points for successful hits. Accumulate enough points and you can spend them between waves to upgrade your arsenal:

  • Increase missile range to take out threats farther away

  • Improve missile speed for quicker reaction time

  • Add more bases to broaden your coverage

  • Purchase cluster missiles that split for wider targeting

  • Gain shield domes to protect your bases from bombs

Balance and stagger your upgrades to steadily improve your bombing defense capabilities.

Embrace the Retro Experience

Missile Game hearkens back to the golden age of arcade gaming in the 80s. The pixelated graphics, intense electronic soundtrack, and pure focus on skill-based gameplay makes for an authentic retro experience.

Having limited bases and missiles at your disposal gives the game a great risk-reward dynamic. Carefully considering where to aim each shot while bombs creep closer amps up the tension. And there's nothing more satisfying than perfectly timing a key counter missile to set off a chain reaction obliterating swaths of incoming bombs.

Whether you're nostalgic for old school arcades or just enjoy tough-as-nails skill challenges, Missile Game provides that definitive retro gaming rush. Ready to try more free online experiences bringing back the glory days of gaming? Check out Unblocked Games 77 for a huge catalog of browser games in dozens of genres!

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Missile Game


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