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Funny Battle Unblocked Games 77

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Brawl for Glory in Funny Battle

If you crave chaotic battle royale action, Funny Battle delivers free local multiplayer mayhem to Unblocked Games 77. Across various modes, punch, grapple, and outwit friends in physics-based 2D arenas. Be the last bean standing!

With easy one-button controls, anyone can get straight into the silliness. But mastering movement, combos, and strategy allows veteran warriors to reign supreme. Send foes flying out of bounds using dozens of wacky items and power-ups scattered around stages.

Zany ragdoll physics and absurd game modifiers like low gravity or ultra speed make matches delightfully unpredictable. Bring your best avatar customizations and taunts to flex on defeated opponents. Let the brawling madness begin today!

Claiming Victory in the Arena

Bounce Off Walls and Surfaces

Slamming into walls, floors, and ceilings bounces you rapidly for quick movement and dodges. Utilize all arena surfaces not just for navigation but actively for mobility and repositioning.

Closing distance fast keeps pressure on evasive enemies. And pingponging off objects builds momentum for swinging heavier hits. Leverage the bouncy physics fully to turn spaces to your advantage.

Combo Punches and Grabs Strategically

Alternate punching and throwing combos to rack damage and immobilize foes. For example, stun them with punches to set up a throw offstage. Mix up combo types to keep opponents guessing.

Save specials like charged uppercuts until needed for a finishing knockout blow. Invent creative combos using arena objects like springboards to enhance effects. Fill your martial arts toolbox with varied techniques.

Make the Most of Power-Ups

Seize power-ups like boxing gloves and railguns first to gain an edge. But don’t waste them - the right moment can turn the tides. For example, wait until lining up a headshot for the sniper.

Deny enemies the same opportunities by controlling the items. Starve rivals of advantages while building your own arsenal through smart power-up play. Use these critical wildcards wisely.

Wacky Details Enhancing the Action

Ragdoll Physics Hilarity

Watching punch-drunk characters stumble, crash into objects, and get stretched to their limits never loses comedy appeal. Slapstick violence made tasteful through sheer absurdity and wigglyness.

Thumping Background Music

Energetic beats punctuate the fights with hype and drama. Music dynamically intensifies as characters fly around trading blows in frenetic exchanges. Audio adds satisfying crunch.

Custom Character Construction

Assemble unique bean people out of hundreds of unlockable body parts, costumes, celebrations and more cosmetics. Even name and color them for ultimate personalization. Style on others with your creation!

Jump Straight into This Brawling Good Time

Blending easy controls with delightful physics chaos, Funny Battle is instant entertainment with friends. Master competitive techniques by observing top player strategies. Available 100% free on Unblocked Games 77, anyone can enjoy hours of carefree ridiculous fisticuffs immediately!

Outwit Opponents Using Combos and Arena Objects

Punch and grapple rivals out of the arena in Funny Battle using simple brawling controls. Utilize environmental objects, surface bounces, and power-ups to gain advantages. Only one bean may stand victorious!

Why Play Funny Battle?

  • One-button gameplay instantly accessible for anyone.

  • Absurd ragdoll physics and overreactions are hilarious.

  • Alternate punch, throw, and special combos.

  • Customize personal bean avatar with cosmetics.

  • Local multiplayer madness perfect for gatherings.

Funny Battle


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