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Orbital Survival Unblocked Games 77

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Fend Off Alien Forces in the Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game Orbital Survival

In the free online game Orbital Survival, you play as the commander of an orbital space station under siege from invading alien forces. You'll strategically position defensive turrets and units to counter each unique alien threat and keep your station intact wave after wave. With smart tower defense gameplay and a cool sci-fi setting, Orbital Survival offers hours of addicting defensive action.

Defending Your Orbital Base

In Orbital Survival, you view your cylindrical space station from the side, with routes aliens will take to reach your core marked along the surface. Between waves, you can build turrets like laser cannons, missile launchers, flamethrowers and more to guard these paths.

Carefully consider turret placement to optimize coverage. Pay attention to each alien type's attack pattern to set up the right countermeasures. And don't forget to research upgrades between rounds to boost things like turret damage, your credit income, and orbital strikes.

If too many aliens slip past your defenses and reach the core, your base's shields will drop permanently, making it vulnerable to complete destruction. Can you withstand the alien onslaught through all 40 waves?

Survival Tips from Space Force Veterans

Follow these orbital survival tips to fortify your defenses:

  • Prioritize choke points when positioning turrets.

  • Use area damage turrets to counter swarming aliens.

  • Research damage and income boosts early for an advantage.

  • Stagger new turret builds to maintain a credit reserve.

  • Sell unused turrets between rounds to maximize spending potential.

  • Wait until you identify problematic alien types before specialized turrets.

  • When in doubt, build more laser turrets!

Satisfying Tower Defense Gameplay

The appeal of tower defense games comes from solving the spatial puzzle of building an optimal defensive network. Orbital Survival really delivers on providing that brain-tickling strategic experience. Finding the right loadout to counter each alien type is key.

Seeing your tactical preparations pay off when your turrets demolish an alien wave that gave you trouble is incredibly rewarding. And the game always keeps you on your toes by introducing new enemies and upgrades over time. If you crave more free online games that make you think and put your planning skills to the test, check out Unblocked Games 77 for a huge catalog of browser games across genres!

Orbital Survival


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