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Uncover the Traitor in Unblocked

Among Us showed just how fun social deduction multiplayer can be. on Unblocked Games 77 captures that same thrilling dynamic in an accessible browser-based format. Join other players in avoiding disasters while trying to expose who among you is the traitor sabotaging everything!

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In, you join a lobby of other online players assigned random roles - most will be regular Crewmates, but 1-3 will be secretly designated as Traitors. The Traitors try to subtly cause mayhem without exposing themselves.

As disasters occur, all players enter discussion phases to deduce the Traitor's identity through clues and voting suspects out. With deductive reasoning and clever deception, Crewmates can defeat the Traitors before it's too late!

With cute blocky characters and engaging gameplay, delivers multiplayer mystery and intrigue. Unblocked Games 77 allows students and workers to enjoy this social deduction fun from their browsers. Time to expose the imposters!

Surviving As Crew or Traitor

Depending on your hidden role, your objectives are quite different:

  • Crewmates - Complete tasks and investigate clues to find Traitors. Avoid being duped or blamed!

  • Traitors - Sabotage discretely and accuse Crewmates. Don't get voted out!

Make accusations carefully as Crewmate and craft alibis as Traitor. Pay attention to other players' behavior for tells. A little deception goes a long way!

Additional Modes and Maps

While finding the Traitor is the core experience, incorporates extra variety:

  • New maps like ships, casinos, hotels, and more to explore.

  • Special events that change the win conditions and rules.

  • Custom game settings like # of Imposters and discussion timers.

  • Different disaster scenarios beyond just explosions.

  • Themed skin customizations for your character.

Rotating maps and modes keep games feeling fresh. You'll never know what kind of chaotic fun is coming next!

Outsmart and Outlast as Crew or Traitor

To win at, apply these tips:

  • Crew: Follow people discreetly to catch imposter acts.

  • Crew: Clear your name early if suspicions arise.

  • Traitor: Sabotage at opportune moments to avoid blame.

  • Traitor: Deflect accusations onto other players.

  • Both: Avoid seeming overly defensive or aggressive.

  • Both: Make logical cases to influence group decisions.

Deduce the Traitors Unblocked

For accessible social deduction multiplayer thrills, Unblocked delivers. Quickly jump into lobbies and let the mind games begin! But watch your back - any "friend" could secretly be a traitor. How long can you survive the paranoia?



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