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Monkey Market Unblocked Games 77

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Go Bananas for Profits in Monkey Market

Buy low, sell high, and turn a big profit playing Monkey Market. This cute business tycoon game tasks you with purchasing exotic animals from hunters and reselling them for cold hard cash. Invest wisely, upgrade your black market venue, and become the savviest simian shopkeeper around!

Overview of Monkey Market Gameplay

In Monkey Market, you play as a shrewd business monkey aiming to dominate the animal trade market. Hunters periodically arrive with exotic creatures like pandas, elephants, giraffes, and more for sale. You must purchase animals you think can be resold at higher values when the next customers arrive.

Initially, you’ll be operating on a simple wooden stage purchasing cheaper animals. But turn enough profit and you can upgrade to bigger and glitzier venues, allowing you to deal in pricier creatures. Inventory size also increases over time.

Watch trends in consumer demand to know which animals will net you top banana profits when they arrive. But move fast, because your rival market monkeys want to dominate the trade too!

Tips for Maximum Monkey Money

To become a business chimp, keep these Monkey Market tips in mind:

  • Buy as many cheap animals early on to resell quickly for fast cash.

  • Don't pay more than 50% extra on purchases you plan to resell.

  • Upgrade your venue and inventory early to increase profit potential.

  • Pay attention to Indicator Icons to follow demand trends for high value animals.

  • Sell in bulk just before an animal becomes overstocked to maximize profits.

  • Watch out for Snake Events which can crash animal values if you react slowly.

Addictive Business Management Gameplay

The simple yet strategic market gameplay of Monkey Market makes running your own booming exotic animal business addicting. Watching consumer trends and your inventory levels to nail the perfect bulk buy low and sell high pricing loop feels very rewarding.

Upgrading to more impressive venues like a circus tent or airport keeps business goals exciting. Rival monkeys add fun competition to be the most profitable tycoon. With easy drag and drop controls, guidance from Indicator Icons, and no time limits, Monkey Market makes mastering the animal trade engaging without being overwhelming.

Go Bananas for Big Profits

Ready to go ape for profits and become the savviest simian shopkeeper? With charming jungle visuals, addictive business strategy gameplay, and cute exotic animals, Monkey Market will drive any tycoon banana's. Score big bucks today on Unblocked Games 77!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy and sell animals? Simply drag animals between the hunters and customers to transfer them.

What animals can I trade?
Pandas, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, penguins, lions, and more!

How many levels or stages are there? The game is endless - you just keep upgrading your venue over time.

Is there a mobile app for Monkey Market? Yes, Monkey Market is also available on iOS and Android devices.

Trade Cute Animals for Big Bananas in Monkey Market

If you're seeking a cute, engaging business tycoon experience you can play in short sessions, Monkey Market delivers satisfying strategy. Run your own exotic animal venue and turn huge profits with smart investing. Let your business climb to the top of the jungle today at unblocked games 77!

Monkey Market


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