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Idle Tree City Unblocked Games 77

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Grow Your City in Idle Tree City

Manage resources, build structures, and expand your settlement into a thriving city in Idle Tree City. This free online incremental clicker lets you construct a peaceful city around a magical growing tree. Harvest resources, unlock new buildings, and keep your citizens happy to create a prosperous urban utopia.

Overview of Idle Tree City Gameplay

In Idle Tree City, you start with just a few worker gnomes and limited buildings around a large central tree. Your job is to direct your workers to gather resources like wood, stone, gold, and more which generate passively over time.

Using these resources, you can build dwellings to increase your population, production buildings like sawmills to automate resource gathering, and special buildings like taverns and schools to boost productivity. Upgrade structures to increase output and manage resource supply chains.

The core gameplay involves choosing which resources to focus on and managing production chains. As your city grows, you’ll unlock new resource and building types to diversify your strategy. Can you construct the ultimate city around the magic tree?

Key Tips for Building Your City

Here are some helpful starter tips for Idle Tree City:

  • Build resource dwellings before storage to increase passive generation.

  • Upgrade sawmills, mines, and farms often for major resource boosts.

  • Balance upgrading storage, dwellings, and production buildings.

  • Unlock new buildings as soon as possible to diversify output.

  • Keep citizens happy by building taverns and decorations.

  • Prestige to earn legacy bonuses and progress faster.

Addictive and Relaxing City Builder Gameplay

The chilled out gameplay of Idle Tree City makes it easy to get hooked on expanding your city. The cute voxel art style gives building up a vibrant village a lighthearted charm. Unlocking new resource and building types provides fun goals to work towards.

And being able to strategize the layout of your settlement however you wish gives a great sense of ownership. You can optimize production by placing related structures together in clusters. With engaging yet low-stress resource management, Idle Tree City is the perfect game to unwind with.

Grow Your City Around the Magic Tree

Will you turn a few thatch dwellings into a stone and steel metropolis? With colorful building designs, resource chains to manage, and cute gnome citizens to house, Idle Tree City offers a relaxing but deep city builder experience. Let your imagination take root and flourish!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more resources?
Upgrade resource buildings like sawmills and mines. Build more dwellings to increase population and passive generation.

What is the prestige system?
Prestiging resets your city in exchange for legacy bonuses to help progression.

How many resources are there? There are 6 main resources to harvest and manage: wood, stone, gold, coal, iron, and food.

Can I play Idle Tree City on mobile? Yes, the game is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Grow Your Urban Utopia in Idle Tree City

If you enjoy chilled out, colorful city builders you can play in short bursts, Idle Tree City is a must-try incremental game. Watching your voxel settlement flourish around the magic tree is an engrossing experience. Plant the seeds of your civilization today on Unblocked Games 77!

Idle Tree City


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