18 Fun IO Games Unblocked, Evergreen IO Games

IO games are popular browser-based multiplayer games that can be highly addictive. Many schools block access to IO gaming sites, but there are still ways to play them unblocked at school or work. Below are 18 of the best IO unblocked games to try in 2023.

Top 18 IO Games Unblocked to Play in 2023

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1. Kirka.io


Kirka.io is an engaging IO battle game with simple controls. Players control round avatars and must shoot bubbles at each other to reduce their opponents' health to zero. Kirka has colorful graphics and smooth animations that make gameplay enjoyable. Powerups like faster shooting and protective bubbles spawn on the map and can help turn the tide of battle. Overall, Kirka is an accessible and entertaining IO shooter game.

2. Buildroyale.io


Buildroyale.io brings battle royale gameplay to an IO builder game. 100 players compete on an island to be the last one standing. You collect resources, build structures for protection, and find weapons to eliminate enemies. Buildroyale mixes the survival aspects of Fortnite with the quick rounds of other IO games for short, action-packed matches.

3. Hole.io


Hole.io puts a fun twist on the popular agario style of IO games. Your character is a black hole that grows by consuming everything in sight. Absorb asteroids, spaceships, and other players to become the biggest hole in the arena. Powerups like speed boosts and attack abilities help take out nearby opponents. The simple controls and space theme make Hole.io easy to pick up but hard to put down.

4. Tribals.io


This primitive battle game lets you control a tribe member fighting for survival. Kill animals for food, gather resources to craft weapons and buildings, and defend against enemy tribes. Tribals.io has automatically generated maps so no two games are the same. Unlock new tribe members with unique skills as you level up. If you enjoy survival games like Rust or Ark, Tribals.io delivers that experience in quick IO game sessions.

5. Miniroyale.io


Miniroyale.io shrinks the battle royale formula into fast-paced 5 minute matches. Up to 100 players skydive onto a small island and quickly scavenge for weapons. You’ll need to move fast and play aggressively to get kills and survive the shrinking map. Get health powerups by eliminating opponents and be the last person standing to win. For a lightweight battle royale experience, Miniroyale is a blast.

6. Venge.io


This unique IO game combines elements of an RPG and shooter. You explore a medieval fantasy world while upgrading your character with swords, armor, magic spells, and more. Kill enemy NPCs to gain gold and XP so you can purchase better gear. You’ll also encounter other players to fight in real-time PvP battles. Venge.io satisfies players wanting an RPG grind paired with multiplayer action.

7. Betrayale.io


In Betrayale.io, you team up with other players to survive on an island but only one can escape. Gather resources and food during the day then vote at night to eliminate a member from your group. Social deduction and distrust fuel this game’s fun as you try to uncover who’s betraying your team. Play with friends or randoms for intense rounds of suspicion in this strategic survival game.

8. Ninja.io


Ninja.io is a simple yet engaging shooter IO game with ninja aesthetics. You and other players compete as ninjas with throwing stars and smoke bombs. Collect powerups around the map to enhance your ninja’s abilities and outmaneuver your opponents. Eliminating enemy ninjas rewards you with coins that can be spent on unlockable cosmetics. The responsive controls and polished art style make Ninja.io worth checking out.

9. Defly.io


Defly is an aerial combat game with controls similar to the classic helicopter game. You pilot a plane and engage in dogfights with other users and AI bots. Perform maneuvers to avoid enemy fire and shoot them down. Doing well in matches earns currency to upgrade your plane’s hull, engine, guns, and more. Unlock additional plane skins and models as you play. If you want fast-paced air combat, Defly.io is a great choice.

10. Craftnite.io


Fans of Fortnite will enjoy Craftnite, an IO recreation of the popular battle royale. Parachute onto the map and scavenge for weapons and building materials. Construct walls and platforms for cover as you battle the other players. Search chests for powerful weapons like sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and shotguns. With destructible environments and the storm shrinking the battlefield, Craftnite.io finely captures Fortnite’s gameplay in an IO game.

11. Paper.io


In Paper.io, you spread your paper territory by taking over the map. Your paper trail expands as you move but running into another player's trail or your own will destroy you. Absorb smaller players and avoid larger ones to grow your paper empire. Powerups provide speed boosts while you cut off opponents' paths. The simplistic graphics and addicting territorial gameplay make Paper.io a classic IO game.

12. Raftz.io


Raftz is an ocean survival game that can be played solo or with friends. Start on a tiny raft and build it into a massive floating base. Gather debris floating in the water to collect resources for crafting better equipment, weapons, and decorations. Watch out for sharks and other players who can attack your raft. Raftz.io succeeds at being a more casual take on the survival genre.

13. Ev.io


Ev.io is a unique IO game centered around evolving your cell. Start as a small bacteria and consume pellets and other cells to gain DNA points. Upgrade your cell by purchasing new parts like spikes, poison, vision, and armor. Large teams dominate Ev.io so you'll need to join up with others for protection. Unlock skins for your cell as you progress through this evolutionary IO game.

14. Flappy Royale.io

flappy royale.io

Up to 100 players compete simultaneously in this battle royale twist on Flappy Bird. Tap your bird through the pipe gaps while avoiding other birds and obstacles. When you crash, you're forced into spectator mode until one player remains flying. Matches are under a minute so you quickly get back into the action. For a hyper-competitive Flappy Bird experience, Flappy Royale.io delivers.

15. Slither.io


In the massively popular Slither.io, you control a snake that grows by consuming brightly colored pellets and other players. But watch out, collide with another snake and you’ll shrink. Master the controls to precisely maneuver your lengthening snake through the arena. Grow as large as possible while cutting off and consuming smaller snakes. Slither's addictive gameplay loop has earned it a spot among the best IO games.

16. Snake.io


Snake.io retains the retro appeal of the old Nokia phone game. Guide your snake around the grid eating food pellets to become longer. Avoid colliding with walls or other snakes to survive. There are powerups that give speed boosts or make your snake invulnerable for a short time. Snake.io's neon visuals and upbeat music give this classic game modern flair.

17. Snowbattle.io


This winter-themed IO game has you lobbing snowballs at the other players. Move with WASD and use your mouse to aim and shoot snowballs. Rack up kills to upgrade your snowman with accessories like a top hat, scarf, and sunglasses. Take down the server leader to become the MVP snowman. If you want laid-back multiplayer fun, Snowbattle.io is a refreshing pick.

18. Topguns.io


In Topguns.io, you pilot a plane and dodge through oncoming tunnels while shooting other users. As you rack up points, you'll unlock faster planes and new weapons to destroy enemies. Time your shots carefully as you maneuver around obstacles and opposing fire. Topguns succeeds at being an accessible flight IO game with colorful graphics and satisfying shooting.

And there's our look at 18 fun IO unblocked games you can sneak in some entertainment with at school or work. The great thing about IO gaming sites is you don't need to download anything to start playing instantly. Just head to an unblocked IO site for access to these addictive multiplayer titles. With a huge range of free game genres and themes, you're sure to find an IO game that suits your tastes. Play variety of unblocked games 77 at our trust worthy website.