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Kick the Boss Unblocked Games 77

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Take Out Your Anger on the Virtual Punching Bag in Kick the Buddy on Unblocked Games 77

Tough day at school or work? Punch, shoot, nuke and obliterate the unfortunate dummy known as Kick the Buddy to let off some steam. This ragdoll abuse simulator provides harmless stress relief through extreme cartoon violence. Play it today on Unblocked Games 77!

Overview: Creative Ways to Punish Your Personal Punching Bag

Armed with an arsenal of weapons, your goal in Kick the Buddy is simple - inflict as much damage as possible on poor Buddy using taps and swipes. Smack him with bats, cut him with chainsaws, singe him with lasers, or get creative with the endless unlockable weapons.

Watch Buddy ragdoll wildly with each attack, yelping in pain but mysteriously surviving everything. Target his dangling limbs or swipe across his whole body to launch effective attacks. Discover fun combinations and aim for high damage.

With destructible environments, unlockable costumes, and special revenge power-ups for Buddy, there’s plenty of variety to keep the destruction fresh. Kick the Buddy makes stress relief amusingly macabre.

Earn Money for Upgrades and Try Combos

You’ll earn bucks for every hit which can be spent to upgrade weapons for more injury potential. Power up that bat to whack Buddy into orbit! Combining certain weapons also causes cool rag doll-physics reactions.

Buddy occasionally catches a break while you watch ads to double your money. But soon you’ll be back battering him with that upgraded gear!

Compete on Leaderboards for Most Damage Dealt

Kick the Buddy lets you compete on leaderboards to see who can deal the most damage in various weapon categories. Compare your baseball bat home run distances or highest damaging dynamite chain explosion.

Watch replays of your most brutal attacks to study technique. Learn other top players’ strategies so you can out-pummel them for the #1 spot. Prove your strength and claim glory as the ultimate Buddy punisher!

Quirky Humor Makes Light of the Cartoon Violence

Despite the ridiculous level of violence, Kick the Buddy keeps things tongue-in-cheek with its quirky humor and cartoony art style. Ragdoll Buddy’s exaggerated reactions go a long way towards making the mayhem feel harmless.

Revel in the absurdity as you unleash an acid filled squirt gun or drop moon gravity to make Buddy float helplessly. The wacky weapons and their effects add a much-needed fun factor to the carnage.

Cathartically Karate Chop Away Anger on Unblocked Games 77

When you’re feeling enraged or just need to zone out dishing some digital punishment, Kick the Buddy is the perfect outlet available on Unblocked Games 77. With countless ways to pummel Buddy, you’ll keep coming back to try new brutal combos and climb the damage leaderboards.

So install some piranhas in that swimming pool and start drop kicking Buddy into it! Kick the Buddy offers judgement-free, cartoonishly cathartic anger management.

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So grab whatever destructive weapons suit your mood, and take out your real-life frustrations on the virtual Buddy. His pain is your therapeutic gain!

Kick the Boss


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