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Slither Through the Streets in the Viral Sensation Google Maps Snake

Google Maps Snake took the classic video game Snake to a whole new level of viral popularity. By bringing the addictive gameplay of Snake to the sprawling street maps of Google Maps, it created a uniquely engaging geo-gaming experience. Read on for a full guide to dominating the streets and claiming high scores in Google Maps Snake.

The Global Appeal of Google Maps Snake

On April Fools Day 2019, Google rolled out the Google Maps Snake game mode on both mobile and desktop. It was an instant hit - who wouldn't want to twist and slither their snake through the roads of actual cities around the world?

You can access Google Maps Snake by opening Google Maps on your phone or computer and selecting "Play Snake" in the sidebar. After picking a starting location, you'll see the familiar Snake game overlayed on the map. Maneuver your growing snake to "eat" map pins and landmarks to score points and keep growing - just don't collide with your own tail or venture outside the roads!

The ability to virtually travel the world while racking up high scores gives Google Maps Snake universal appeal. Anyone can explore new cities and neighborhoods from the comfort of their screen.

Tips for Slithering Your Way to High Scores

Master these tips to survive the streets and maximize your length in Google Maps Snake:

  • Start strategic - Pick starting points with long straightaways like airports to build up your length more safely.

  • Memorize the map - Getting familiar with the roads before starting will help you plan the best route.

  • Grab landmarks - Target landmarks, terrain features, and other map pins to add segments faster.

  • Stay centered - Hug the middle of roads to allow space for wide turns and maneuvering.

  • Plan ahead - Look ahead for potential intersections and dead ends to avoid getting trapped.

  • Use zoom strategically - Zoom in on denser areas for more precise movement and zoom out for faster travel on long roads.

  • Straighten out - Briefly move perpendicularly after turns to realign your long snake segments into a straighter position.

The World Is Your Playground in Google Maps Snake

Once you've honed your skills on your local streets, look to these ways to enjoy Google Maps Snake around the world:

  • Explore new cities - Virtually visit places you've always wanted to see from Paris to Tokyo.

  • Find snake-friendly cities - Try routes with long boulevards like Barcelona or Chicago.

  • Tour destinations - Slither around landmarks from Big Ben to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Compare routes - Try starting in different spots of the same city to find the most high-score friendly paths.

  • Challenge friends - Get a group together and race to see who can achieve the highest score in your hometown.

Google Maps Snake made two nostalgic classics even better by merging them into one. Now anyone can enjoy the geography-spanning adventure of Google Maps and the addictive arcade gameplay of Snake all in one uniquely fun viral sensation. Looking for more free online games you can play for hours? Check out Unblocked Games 77 today and get lost in our massive collection of unblocked games at school or work!

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